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Coco Joe Productions Yelp Page

"We booked CocoJoe back in January for our wedding in May 2014. I found Chelsea (the owner) at the one and only bridal expo I went to, and her prices were WAY more reasonable than anyone else at the expo.

My husband insisted we have a video of the wedding, and ultimately that is why we chose to go with CocoJoe. The packages for photo & video were great. And she was flexible in subtracting a few small items that we did not necessarily want/need and it really helped fit into our budget.

With that said, wedding video and photo are not the cheapest items for your big day- but I can honestly say that you get what you pay for; we are beyond happy with the outcome. Chelsea is a professional, but also truly gifted photographer. Her team was fabulous and I cannot thank the three of them enough for the detailed coverage of our day. We chose a package that had no time limitations, and they really were with us ALL DAY!

The photos are beautiful and we have the perfect balance of vibrant colored pictures and timeless black and white shots. There were a few specific shots my husband and I asked for, and CocoJoe captured exactly what we were hoping for. They did not mind us asking for specifics. We have a full length DVD of the wedding, but my favorite thing is our highlight video. Chelsea took amazing video and set it to our 'first dance' song for an amazing summary of our day. (I'm sure I will continue to cry each time I watch it, because it truly captures our emotions and excitement on that day.)

I cannot say enough about Chelsea and her team. They really did an amazing job, and I believe they understand and appreciate what their clients want. The completed product comes out as something to truly cherish. I certainly will recommend CocoJoe, and I look forward to finding excuses to utilize Chelsea's talents in the future."

-Vanessa Jasso (Photos from her wedding below)



"I wish I could give Coco Joe Productions MORE than 5 stars because that's what they deserve! I booked the Photo Video Platinum Duo package for my wedding and they far exceeded my expectations! I was so THRILLED with my photos they brought tears to my eyes. The photos capture all the beautiful, fun and quirky memories of one of the most special days of my life and I always look back at them nostalgically. 

The video is as beautiful as the photos and there's something so special about seeing my wedding in motion. I've watched it so many times and every time it makes me cry! I couldn't expect something more from a videographer/photographer!

Chelsea and her assistants were also incredibly sweet and responsive to what I wanted on my wedding day. They were also very calm and relaxing which is very helpful for us brides :) They even helped set up the reception just because they are kind! They were an absolute pleasure to work with and I will recommend Coco Joe Productions to all of my friends and family! Thanks again!!"

-Catrina Rodgers 

"Chelsea and the Coco Joe Productions team truly outdid themselves for my wedding! I decided to go with Coco Joe Productions for both wedding photography and videography and it was one of the best choices I could've made for my wedding. The team was so wonderful to work with and showed so much enthusiasm and energy the entire day. I really felt like they went above and beyond for me and I can't thank them enough!" -Stacey Black

"Chelsea, Wow!! What beautiful photos!! I honestly have never seen myself look like this before!  I'm so excited!  Thank you for all your gorgeous work!"  ~Mari Black -- violinmari@gmail.com

"Chelsea puts all her time and effort into making the final product truly amazing. Working with her is always such a pleasure because of the comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. Her natural talent of taking photographs of people is apparent in all of her work." ~ Jennifer Staples - jennifercs@mac.com

"My two year old little girl, Ada, has never been one to sit still while I take her picture. I didn't believe anyone else would have any more luck than I usually did but to my surprise Chelsea took stunning photographs of her. Ada had never taken so well to a stranger before! Not only did Chelsea handle my daughter with confidence and ease but she also made her comfortable and happy every moment of the shoot. These pictures are some of my favorite ever taken of my daughter. They were beautiful, fun, natural and a wonderful representation of my daughter's personality." ~ Eric Venturik

"Chelsea has a true eye for photography. She knows how to make a photograph look unique and she always tells a story through her work. Her dedication to the art shows in each moment captured by her." ~Kristen Parker - kristen_parker@emerson.edu

"Chelsea has been taking pictures of my son, Erik, for years now. No one else captures his personality and charm better in a photo than she does. She has a way of working with children to make them comfortable and relaxed. I have absolutely loved every photography she's ever taken of him!" ~Jennie Halpern  - jennie@turnkeyparlor.com

"Chelsea is a truly unique photographer. Her incredible ability to capture the subject and its surroundings makes her photography distinct and unique. She is fun to work with and clearly very seasoned in portraiture." ~Abby Thompson - abbyleight@hotmail.com

"Chelsea is such a wonderful photographer, and such an amazing person to work with. She is extremely passionate about her work, and really works with her subjects to produce beautiful and stunning images." ~Bailey Hayman - baileyhayman@aol.com

"Hi I'm Melanie, a subject of Chelsea's photography. She must be one of the most unique photographers I've worked with because she truly tries her best (and succeeds) in capturing the characters and personalities of her subjects. She likes to get to know the people she is photographing so she can create a beautiful and artistic collection of photographs that reflect their energy and persona. Her style is rare and in my opinion, highly desirable!" ~Melanie Colvin - melaniecolvin@yahoo.com

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