Fitness Pricing

Coco Joe Productions is now available to personal trainers, coaches, and entire gyms!

With social media becoming a crucial staple to businesses everywhere, Coco Joe is prepared to help you market yourself, your team, and/or your gym in every facet possible. We offer professional "introduction videos" mainly to personal trainers marketing themselves (via their own website) but also becoming extremely popular with our larger clients of cross-fit and bootcamp type-gyms who want to be able to offer their potential students an idea of who their instructors are and what they offer to the student! Maybe you're intested in putting out a "weekly video." Whether it's a "Technique of the Week" from a pro-level MMA fighter/coach or a 10 minute at-home workout for some of your clients to focus in on specific areas of their training, Coco Joe Productions provides you with options to customize your relationship with your clients via social media. 

We also provide professional athletes with videos to market their own training regimine and enhance their relationship not only with their fans but with potential clients. Being able to showcase yourself and your skills quickly and efficently is necessary in this day and age. We turn "selling yourself" into "selling your skills and talents" - easily, afforably, and professionally. 


Our pricing is as follows:

Introduction Videos are a personal introduction to your possible clients and usually run 30 seconds to 1 minute. These are great for personal trainers to throw on the front page of their website and give their clients an idea of their personality and style: $150.00

  • If you're a gym and contacting us in regards of putting together an introduction video for all of your current trainers, please email for price. 

Weekly Videos are a great marketing took for any personal trainers and gyms looking to stay in touch with their clients throughout the week/month. These videos vary in price depending on how long the videos run. The more specifics you can provide us with, the more we can work to come up with a suitable price (that won't break the bank!) that will promote you in the best way possible!

Athlete Training Videos/Highlight Reels are specifially for atheles at a professional level. However we have gotten many recent inquiries about putting together highlight reels for high school/college level athletes. If you have the footage, we can put it together. If you don't have the footage, let us get some of you. We come to you, catch you at your best (whether this takes a day or a week), and create an extremely professional highlight reel for coaches, clients, and potential employers.  These videos run anywhere from $200.00 to $2000.00 and we are happy to work with you!





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