At Coco Joe Productions, we want to make the booking process as easy and informative as possible for you so here are some frequently asked questions from our wedding clients! If you have ANYMORE questions at all, feel free to call Chelsea at 919.357.2049 for more information or e-mail us at cocojoeproductions@gmail.com. No question is too small! 

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  1. What kind of work do we specialize in? 

CJP specializes in photojournalistic AND artistic capturing. At our company it is extremely important to us to capture the personal style of our clients and emulate that in our work. We want to document everything that you want without being obtrusive. Before every wedding we want our clients to fill out our “Wedding Client Questionnaire” so that they can let us know everything about what they love. Our team does not approach our weddings with a formulaic, common approach. We want it to personally cater to each client’s needs and wants. Everyone has a different idea of what they want their wedding photos and video to look like. We want to capture YOU, not a wedding photo or film that’s been captured a million times. If you aren’t like anyone else, then why should your wedding photo and videos be?

  1. What qualifications do we have?

Every CJP team member is highly qualified. We do not train team members at weddings. Each member has an education based in film production and photography. We all work together cohesively as a team and that is why we are able to do both photography AND videography. Everyone has extremely strong camera, lighting, equipment and editing skills. We know what we are doing and we are confident enough to say it!

  1. Do we shoot digital or film?

For the most part we shoot digital but we also are well versed in film. If you want some film rolls shot at your wedding, let us know and we can chat!

  1. What kind of equipment do we use? 

We only use the absolute best equipment on the market. We are huge fans and adamant users of Canon DSLRs. We use Avid Media Composer and Photoshop to edit our video and photos. We also use the most high-end sound equipment including Rode microphones and Sony Lavaliere microphones. We also never skimp on glass! Our many lenses give us the freedom to capture your wedding in the most unique and crystal clear way possible. 

  1. Why do you include so much in your packages? 

We often get this question because our packages are so fun-filled with awesome stuff! At Coco Joe Productions, we do not believe in skimping and hiking up prices. Our packages include exactly what they say they include and that’s that! We give you all of your pictures and raw video and the rights to them because that’s what you paid your hard earned dollars for! We don’t want to keep your photos so we can keep making money off of you. It doesn’t make sense and we refuse to do it! Planning a wedding is expensive and we don’t want to make that burden worse than it already is. You deserve your photos and video with no hassle and no strings and that’s what you’ll get J

  1. Do we offer a discount for weekday weddings?

We do not offer a discount for weekday weddings because they are just as important as weekend ones! 

  1. How many pictures will I receive?

Thousands. If anything, too many! Most of our client’s only complaint is that they can’t choose out of the tons and tons of pictures which ones to put in their albums!

  1. When will we get our pictures and video?

 The time frame ranges depending on the size/length of your wedding and your package. The range is anywhere from 1-3 months because we are doing both photo and video. We usually get it done sooner than that!

  1. Are your packages customizable?

Yes! We cannot stress this enough! All of our packages are completely customizable based on what you want/don’t want and need/don’t need. Let’s chat about what you want out of your personalized package.

      10. I’m scared! I’m not photogenic and I usually hate getting my photo taken. Why shouldn’t I worry?

CJP’s main focus is making you love your photos and video. We want you to feel comfortable while we are making them and we want you to love them when you see them! Anyone can take a good photo or video with a good camera. We want you to LOVE yourself in your photos and video.

      11. I don’t see them in your packages so what is the deal with albums?

 We keep albums separate from our packages because what every client wants can be quite different and we don’t want to tie you down! Albums range anywhere from $300-2,000. Price depends on the album cover, pages, type of pages, photos, design, etc.  Let us know what you like and we will discuss!

      12. Do you edit our photos?

We do a clean edit of all photos. Clean edit basically means eliminating blurriness, basic color correction/retouching.

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