About Us

Hello, everyone! 

My name is Chelsea Williams and here are a few things about me: I love photography and filmmaking! I also love kids, animals, mangos and dancing.

I love making people feel good about themselves in photographs. Anyone can take an aesthetically pleasing photograph these days, but if the person in the photo doesn't like themselves in the picture, then what's the point? My main focus will be making you feel confident, comfortable and beautiful during our time together. 

I founded Coco Joe Productions in Chapel Hill, North Carolina in 2003. It all started with a few small photography and film projects starring my amazing little sister, Coco Joelle. You can tell she's a superstar just by the name. Right? Coco was always such an incredible subject to work with. Being extremely photogenic, a great dancer, and a saucy actress, she was the perfect star for everything I created. Because of this, I named my production company Coco Joe Productions.

Our favorite way to pass the time involved running around the woods or the street doing photoshoots and music videos with my parents wedding photography and videography equipment. We became the perfect team as I learned more and more about photography and filmmaking. We also learned a lot about trespassing. After all, location is everything.

I soon expanded to taking pictures of my friends, family, other little children and anyone else who would let me! I also would assist my parents with photography and videography for their booming wedding business. I realized that I really, truly enjoyed taking pictures of people and making films and continued to take more and more photographs until I had a large portfolio.

It was in 2005 when I decided I wanted to begin taking photographs and filmmaking professionally. Since then, I have continuously and passionately pursued my love of portrait, wedding, fashion, business and family photography. I have also created from inception to completion many music videos, wedding films, short films, montage projects, and various other creative film endeavors in North Carolina, The Virgin Islands, Boston and California! I worked closely with High Definition LLC in the Virgin Islands while honing my artistic and professional approach to wedding films. 

I am an Emerson College graduate with a major in Film Production and a minor in Photography and Dance and now run Coco Joe Productions in the beautiful Santa Monica, California. I have assembled a team of dedicated, talented and passionate photographers and filmmakers who work with me on weddings, music videos, short films and fashion shoots!

I am also extremely experienced in media and social media marketing. I currently web design for several companies and manage their social media. My background in photography, filmmaking and graphic design allow me to make original, creative content that will greatly improve any company's web presence. Shoot me an email to ask about web development and media marketing packages.

Thank you very much for your interest in Coco Joe Productions. Please contact me if there is anything I can help you with!  Also, please visit our "Photography" and "Film" sections for samples of our work.

My Best,
Chelsea Williams
President of Coco Joe Productions



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